Understanding The Wonders Of Beta Casein In Cow Juice

There is a slight difference in the kind of milk proteins that are produced by cows today as compared to the juice produced by them thousands of years ago. In the previous years the milk used to contain A2 milk protein and hence, it can be considered as the original protein to be present in cow juice. Over the years and through genetic mutation cows have started to produce protein that is known as A1 beta casein. The difference between A2 and A1 is by the difference of a single amino acid. It is known that Guernsey and Jersey cows as well as Asian cows usually produce juice that is rich in A2 beta casein protein. 

Conditions linked to A1 protein

There are some people who are unable to digest the A1 beta casein protein effectively. For them, there are certain problems that surface every time they drink cow juice. As cow juice is known to have several benefits, especially for children, many are habituated to drinking cow juice from an early stage in life. However today much research has been done and it has been found that conditions like a2 milk autism and others can be prevented by opting for A2 protein enriched cow juice.

Other health problems countered

There are certain conditions like a2 milk autism that are found to be heightened if the A1 protein is consumed and not digested effectively. From the autism spectrum disorders to schizophrenia, Type 1 diabetes and heart diseases, these are some of the different conditions that are found linked to consumption of cow juice that contains more of A1 protein.

Studies conducted

There have been certain studies conducted which suggest the likelihood of these health conditions linked to A1 protein consumed in cow juice which is not effectively digested by many. The nutrition studies that were conducted on milk showed that A1 protein also leads to several gastrointestinal problems in kids as well as adults. This may be a condition that is found in many but overlooked. However, with potential health problems that can mount with continued consumption of the A1 protein rich cow juice, it might be worthwhile to take a look at the kind of cow juice that is being consumed on daily basis which might be affecting one’s health.

Make a switch

It is best to try out the difference by making a switch. As many food manufacturers are providing A2 based cow juice these days, people are able to make out the difference by switching over and realizing that their gastrointestinal problems are disappearing by making the switch. More information can be found on this subject at different food and nutrition linked resources on the web.